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Do you sell on Amazon, eBay, or other marketplaces and you need to spread your promotions and special offers as much as possible? Contact us by filling in the below Form and we will provide you information on how to join our distribution platforms.


We provide advertising space on any platofrm of our network: banner in the home page of this Web Site, pinned post on our Facebook page, in-App notifications, posts in our Telegram channel. Complete the Contact Form below to receive additional information and pricing.


Enhance your products by means of an effective and persuasive presentation. An appropriate description of a product is the first step towards achieving your sales goals. We translate from English to Italian any text: brochures, user manuals, catalogs, etc.

... and many more!

We support all aspects related to the presentation and advertising of your products on the Italian marketplace. Whatever your needs, contact us to receive the support you need.

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